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  Our company started cooperation with SMS Meer since 2006. We produce and export all kinds of short stress and high rigid bar mill stands for SMS Meer. It help us open the international market and increase the technology and manufacturing level.

  Our company signed the long-term strategy cooperation agreement with SMS Meer on April of 2007. Our company becomes the manufacture base of SMS Meer in China. For years, our company has supplied more than 300 stands for SMS Meer. These stands have been used in many countries and areas in the world, such as Russia、 Saudi Arabia、 Taiwan、 Korea、 Israel、 England. That means that the quantity of our productions has got the international recognition. It laid a good foundation for the international competition which our company will extensively participate in the future.

  On August of 2008, the equipment, such as high speed wire rode finishing mill block, successfully exported to SURANA Company in India. It was the first time export of the high speed wire rode equipment which is made in China、 the designing speed 115m/s and the ensure speed 95m/s.

  Our company contracted the high speed wire rode project of Vietnam Shengli Special Steel Co., Ltd. It means that it is the first time for the high speed wire rod equipment which is made in China、 the designing speed 115m/s and the ensure speed 95m/s to export to the Southeast Asia. The steel industry of the Southeast Asia developed too slowly before and the equipment used is also very backward. With the speed up of the steel industry development in these countries, the demand to the equipment gets higher and higher. It must bring good market prospect for our company.

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