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  With years’ effectively development of general contract and none store spare parts service mode, we have a great improvement on the accumulation of advance technology and the management of effective resource. At the same time, we get the further recognition from our customers. For the sales network of our company, we separated it into 5 areas, Northeast Area、Jing Jin Tang Area、Central Plains Area、East China Area and South area respectively. With the service business fast extension, the base foundation begins to take its shape. We have made nine spare parts’ service bases all around China. They are Liaoning Yingkou Base、Hebei Taigang Base、Hebei Wuan Base、Shandong Huimin Base、Shanxi Liheng Base、Lian Yungang Yaxin Base、Changzhou Zhongtian Base、Mindong Saiqi Base and Yunnan Qujing Base respectively. In the base, we have technical people and spare parts warehouse. And we can supply technical support and spare parts to the customers hundred kilometers around the base. The foundation of the base can make sure that we can supply our technical service and spare parts on time and comprehensive. This really embodies win-win cooperation.

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